Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Redeeming your Giftogram is super easy! The easiest way to use your Giftogram is to add it to your digital wallet. Once added, you can easily access all your Giftograms and their codes from a single, secure and convenient location.

If you are trying to redeem your Giftogram at an online store, simply follow your normal shopping experience until you get to the checkout page. Once there, you’ll be presented with the option to use your Giftogram as a payment option. To use your Giftogram, enter your Giftogram code into the field, specify the amount to be used and click apply. You’ll be sent a security code via your digital wallet, SMS or email to verify this transaction. Enter the security code and click apply.

If you have your Giftogram in your digital wallet the available funds balance will be updated straight away together with transaction information.

If redeeming the Giftogram over the counter at the store or the restaurant, just advise the sales assistant that you want to use Giftogram and they will do the rest. You’ll be sent a security code that you’ll have to tell the shop assistant to complete the transaction.

If the merchant’s point of sale systems supports Giftogram TouchPay you’ll be able to tap your smartphone to redeem Giftogram stored in your digital wallet.

With Giftogram you can even make partial payments for your purchases, making better use of the residual value of your Giftograms.

If you have your Giftogram added to your digital wallet on your smartphone, the balance and transaction history is displayed on each Giftogram.

You can always log in to your Giftogram portal at to see all your Giftograms, balance and transactions and download them to your digital wallet.

You can also check your Giftogram balance during the checkout process on the websites supporting Giftogram.

The easiest way to organise all your Giftograms is to add them to your digital wallet on your smartphone. This way you can keep track of balances and transactions in real-time.

Because Giftogram uses blockchain technology to record ownership information, Giftograms can never be lost.

You can always recover all your Giftograms from your Giftogram portal at

Simply login into the portal and download any missing Giftograms.

Giftograms are available for purchase from a growing list of merchants via their online stores or you can purchase Giftograms at our Giftogram market place

Next time you are looking for a gift card ask for Giftogram.

Each Giftogram is issued from a specific merchant. When you receive the Giftogram in email or via SMS, the message will include the link and the name of the merchant where you can redeem your Giftogram. If you add your Giftogram to your digital wallet the link to the merchant website is displayed as part of the Giftogram details.

Giftogram uses blockchain to securely store its ownership information to prevent unauthored use and fraud.

Giftogram offers a re-gift option where you can re-assign ownership of your Giftogram to another individual. This can be done via portal.

This is a very handy feature if you want to re-gift your unwanted Giftogram to somebody else. The recipient will receive a brand new Giftogram with no record of re-gifting.

Because Giftograms uses blockchain to securely store its ownership information it has a unique ability to be securely sold on the secondary market, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

You can put your Giftogram for sale on the Giftogram marketplace at

Once sold, both seller and buyer have access to funds and Giftogram straight away.

More information on steps for selling your unwanted Giftograms at

There is no activation requirement for Giftograms. All Giftograms are available for use immediately after purchase.

The expiration of your Giftogram is set by the merchant. Many jurisdictions require gift cards to be valid for at least 3 years from the date of purchase. If your Giftogram has an expiration date set by the merchant, it will be displayed on the Giftogram in your digital wallet or in the portal.  Unless set by the merchant your Giftogram will never expire.