How to install & configure Giftogram plugin for WooCommerce

This guide outlines the steps for installing and configuring the Giftogram plug-in for WooCommerce including activation and required configuration settings

Download & Install Giftogram Plugin

First, you’ll need to download the latest version of the Gifogram plugin for WooCommerce. The link to the latest version is available from the Giftogram merchant portal 

Once logged in with the merchant user name passwords go to the settings section of the portal and click on the “latest plugin” link to download a zip file on to your computer.

In order to use the Giftogram digital gift cards platform, you'll need to register to become a Giftogram merchant. You can register at no cost to trial Giftogram at Once registered you'll be sent your username and password for access to the merchant portal.

After successfully downloading the Giftogam plugin zip file click on “Upload Plugin” in the WordPress admin interface and follow the prompts to select the zip file and complete installation.

After successful installation, you should see a Giftogram plugin listed on the left side menu of WordPress and you are ready to activate the plugin.

Activate Giftogram Plugin

All the communications between the plugin and the Giftogram platform APIs are encrypted. In order to activate the plugin requires multiple encryption keys.

  • API Site ID
  • API Client Secret
  • API Key

These keys are unique for each site and available in the merchant portal as part of the site configuration settings.

To get to the API keys please login into the merchant portal and click on the “Sites” side menu option to display all registered sites and click on the “More Options” button to display the API keys.

In order to see the API keys, the site must be registered with the Giftogram merchant portal. If you can't see the site listed in the list please follow "Register New Store or Site" guide to add your site/store. Please note that the site will appear as "non-active" in the list with the red indicated until the plugin makes a successful connection to the site. 

Copy and paste relevant keys from the merchant portal to the relevant plugin settings fields and click activate button on the plugin.

The plugin status should change to “Active” and change colour to green. The site/store entry in the merchant portal should also be active and should display a green indicator.

You are now ready to add Giftograms to your WooCommerce product catalogue. For instructions on how to add Gifotograms to your product catalogue please refer to the “How to Add Gitograms to Product Catalogue” guide.


The most common cause of plugin fail to activate is the entry of incorrect keys. Please ensure that the keys are copied and pasted in the correct fields before activating the plugin. 

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