How to buy and sell unwanted Giftograms

This guide outlines the process of buying and selling unwanted Giftograms on marketplace

Do you have a bunch of unwanted Giftograms? No problem!

The Giftogram platform offers you an opportunity to sell your Giftograms on the Giftogram marketplace and convert the value of your Giftogram gift card into cash.

Because Giftograms is supported by blockchain technology both buyers and sellers can transact securely in real-time. This means the buyer can start using (redeem) Giftograms immediately once the payment is processed and the seller has access to the funds straight away.

You can even sell partially redeemed Giftograms. The remaining balance of the gift card is available to the buyer who can make an informed decision about purchasing the gift card.

To put a Giftogram for sale on the marketplace is as simple as login into your my Giftogram portal at, navigating to the Giftogram list view and selecting the gift card you want to sell.

Giftogram List

Once you click on the ellipsis button, you will be presented with the option to specify the sale price for the gift card and a message.

Sell Giftogram

Most sellers specify sale price lower than the value of the gift cards to incentify the buyers. You can withdraw the card from the market or adjust the selling price at any time.

Once you place your Giftogram on the marketplace it is available for purchase by any marketplace user.

When somebody purchases your Giftogram you’ll receive a notification email and the funds will be deposited into your Giftogram account.

You can view your current balance on your personal profile screen.

Personal Profile

You can use available funds to purchase other Giftograms on the marketplace or withdraw your funds into a nominated bank account.

The sale of the Giftogram incurs a 2% transfer of ownership fee payable by the seller. Depending on your selected bank the payout may take up to 5 business days to process. When buying a pre-loved Giftogram on the market place there is a 2.9%+ 30c Stripe merchant fee payable by the buyer. All the fees will be clearly displayed to the buyer at the time of the purchase.

Once you place Giftogram for sale on the marketplace you cannot redeem it at the store or the merchant site. You can withdraw your gift card from sale at any time and start using it straight away.

To purchase pre-loved Giftograms on the marketplace, simply login to and browse through the Giftograms available for sale. Once you click on the “Buy Now” button you’ll be presented with the option to use funds available on your Giftogram account or pay via credit card.

Buy Giftogram

On the successful payment, the ownership of the Giftogram will be transferred to your name and the gift card will appear on the list of your Giftograms available to be used.

Once Giftogram is transferred you’ll receive a notification email with the links to add your Giftogram to your digital wallet.

Giftogram makes secure buying and selling unwanted gift cards a breeze and a Win-Win for both buyers and sellers.

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