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Protected by an encrypted, distributed blockchain ledger and multi-factor authentication mechanism Giftogram offers an unmatched level of security and portability of the gift cards and store cards solution for both merchants and customers. Every spent transaction is verified in real-time against a blockchain ledger removing the risk of a double-spend problem. The second-factor authentication ensures that the ownership is verified and minimises the risk of fraudulent transactions due to lost, copied or stolen gift cards, store cards and vouchers.


Scan the Giftogram at the register or enter online via checkout plugin.  Stay informed and know exactly how much money left on the gift card, have a transaction history at your fingertips.  You can add Giftogram to your digital wallet and receive reminders about expiry dates and keep track of purchase locations. Don’t use a digital wallet? No problem, you can track your current balances and transaction history online at our portal. No more going to the store to check balances. Manage all your Giftograms in one place in your personalised online portal or in your digital wallet.


Giftogram is built using Smart Contract technology enabling secure transaction without third parties, making it possible to re-assign the ownership of the Giftogram via Giftogram portal. This creates a unique secure opportunity to re-sell unwanted gift cards where both parties can be confident about the integrity of the transaction. The Giftogram technology enables users to recover lost, forgotten or stolen gift cards and ensures that only authorised owners can use them.


Say goodbye to plastic cards, print outs, photocopied cards and email vouchers


Blockchain Security

Blockchain and smart contracts technology offer a revolutionary way to build and deploy trusted and secure SaaS solutions.  Built on Ethereum open-source framework Intellithread’s ecosystem offers a private blockchain environment engineered with security, rigger and compliance required by the modern enterprises.

Smartphone Wallet Integration

Built on the strength of Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Intellithread’s ecosystem offers scalable elastic containers with integrated multifactor authentication that support immutable independently verified transactions in the trusted peer-to-peer network.

Realtime Giftcard Balances

With extensive experience in Blockchain, Security, AWS, Enterprise and Systems Architecture and Project delivery the Intellithread’s team can accompany you on a discovery journey through emerging technologies and provide your organisation with the unique insights into the future of decentralising systems and solutions.

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